Approve Requirements


The purpose of Approve Requirements is to obtain agreement on and approval of requirements and designs for business analysis work to continue and/or solution construction to proceed.


Business analysts are responsible for ensuring clear communication of requirements, designs, and other business analysis information to the key stakeholders responsible for approving that information.

Approval of requirements and designs may be formal or informal. Predictive approaches typically perform approvals at the end of the phase or during planned change control meetings. Adaptive approaches typically approve requirements only when construction and implementation of a solution meeting the
requirement can begin. Business analysts work with key stakeholders to gain consensus on new and changed requirements, communicate the outcome of discussions, and track and manage the approval.

  • Requirements (verified)
  • Designs
  • Elements:
    • Understand Stakeholder Roles
    • Conflict and Issue Management
    • Gain Consensus
    • Track and Communicate Approval
    Guidelines and Tools:
    • Change Strategy
    • Governance Approach
    • Legal/Regulatory Information
    • Requirement Management Tools/Repository
    • Solution Scope
  • Acceptance and Evaluation Criteria
  • Decision Analysis
  • Item Tracking
  • Reviews
  • Workshops
  • Stakeholders:
    • Customer
    • Domain Subject Matter Expert
    • End User
    • Operational Support
    • Project Manager
    • Regulator
    • Sponsor
    • Tester
  • Requirements (approved)
  • Designs (approved)
  • Knowledge Area:
  • Requirements Life Cycle Management