A task is a discrete piece of work that may be performed formally or informally as part of business analysis. The definition of a given task is universally applicable to business analysis efforts, independent of the initiative type. A business analyst may perform other activities as assigned by their organization, but these additional activities are not considered to be part of the business analysis profession. Tasks are grouped into knowledge areas. Business analysts perform tasks from all knowledge areas sequentially, iteratively, or simultaneously. Tasks may be performed in any order, as long as the necessary inputs to a task are present. A business analysis initiative may start with any task, although likely candidates are Analyze Current State or Measure Solution Performance.
Plan Business Analysis Approach

The purpose of Plan Business Analysis Approach is to define an appropriate method to conduct business analysis activities.

Plan Stakeholder Engagement

The purpose of Plan Stakeholder Engagement is to plan an approach for establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with the stakeholders.