Recommend Actions to Increase Solution Value


The purpose of Recommend Actions to Increase Solution Value is to understand the factors that create differences between potential value and actual value, and to recommend a course of action to align them.


The various tasks in the Solution Evaluation knowledge area help to measure, analyze, and determine causes of unacceptable solution performance. The task Recommend Actions to Increase Solution Value, focuses on
understanding the aggregate of the performed assessments and identifying alternatives and actions to improve solution performance and increase value realization.

Recommendations generally identify how a solution should be replaced, retired, or enhanced. They may also consider long-term effects and contributions of the solution to stakeholders. They may include recommendations to adjust the organization to allow for maximum solution performance and value realization.

  • Enterprise Limitation
  • Solution Limitation
  • Elements:
    • Adjust Solution Performance Measures
    • Recommendations
      • Do Nothing
      • Organizational Change
      • Reduce Complexity of Interfaces
      • Eliminate Redundancy
      • Avoid Waste
      • Identify Additional Capabilities
      • Retire the Solution
      • Additional factors
        • ongoing cost versus initial investment
        • opportunity cost
        • necessity
        • sunk cost
    Guidelines and Tools:
    • Business Objectives
    • Current State Description
    • Solution Scope
  • Data Mining
  • Decision Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • Focus Groups
  • Organizational Modelling
  • Prioritization
  • Process Analysis
  • Risk Analysis and Management
  • Survey or Questionnaire
  • Stakeholders:
    • Customer
    • Domain Subject Matter Expert
    • End User
    • Regulator
    • Sponsor
  • Recommended Actions
  • Knowledge Area:
  • Solution Evaluation