Define Requirements Architecture


The purpose of Define Requirements Architecture is to ensure that the requirements collectively support one another to fully achieve the objectives.


Requirements architecture is the structure of all of the requirements of a change. A requirements architecture fits the individual models and specifications together to ensure that all of the requirements form a single whole that supports the overall business objectives and produces a useful outcome for stakeholders.

Business analysts use a requirements architecture to:

  • understand which models are appropriate for the domain, solution scope, and audience,
  • organize requirements into structures relevant to different stakeholders,
  • illustrate how requirements and models interact with and relate to each other, and show how the parts fit together into a meaningful whole,
  • ensure the requirements work together to achieve the overall objectives, and
  • make trade-off decisions about requirements while considering the overall objectives.

Requirements architecture is not intended to demonstrate traceability, but rather to show how elements work in harmony with one another to support the business requirements, and to structure them in various ways to align the viewpoints of different stakeholders. Traceability is often used as the mechanism to represent and manage these relationships. Traceability proves that every requirement links back to an objective and shows how an objective was met. Traceability does not prove the solution is a cohesive whole that will work.

  • Information Management Approach
  • Requirements
  • Solution Scope
  • Elements:
    • Requirements Viewpoints and Views
    • Template Architectures
    • Completeness
    • Relate and Verify Requirements Relationships
    • Business Analysis Information Architecture
    Guidelines and Tools:
    • Architecture Management Software
    • Legal/Regulatory Information
    • Methodologies and Frameworks
  • Data Modelling
  • Functional Decomposition
  • Interviews
  • Organizational Modelling
  • Scope Modelling
  • Workshops
  • Stakeholders:
    • Domain Subject Matter Expert
    • Implementation Subject Matter Expert
    • Project Manager
    • Sponsor
    • Tester
    • Any stakeholder
  • Requirements Architecture
  • Knowledge Area:
  • Requirements Analysis and Design Definition