Confirm Elicitation Results


The purpose of Confirm Elicitation Results is to check the information gathered during an elicitation session for accuracy and consistency with other information.


Elicited information is confirmed to identify any problems and resolve them before resources are committed to using the information. This review may discover errors, omissions, conflicts, and ambiguity.
The elicitation results can be compared against their source and other elicitation results to ensure consistency. Collaboration with stakeholders might be necessary to ensure their inputs are correctly captured and that they agree with the results of non-facilitated elicitation. If information is not correct, the business analyst determines what is correct, which can require more elicitation. Committing resources to business analysis activities based on unconfirmed elicitation results may mean stakeholder expectations are not met. If the results are inconsistent, additional elicitation might need to be conducted to resolve the discrepancies.
Confirming the elicitation results is a much less rigorous and formal review than occurs during analysis.

  • Elicitation Results (unconfirmed)
  • Elements:
    • Compare Elicitation Results Against Source Information
    • Compare Elicitation Results Against Other Elicitation Results
    Guidelines and Tools:
    • Elicitation Activity Plan
    • Existing Business Analysis Information
  • Document Analysis
  • Interviews
  • Reviews
  • Workshops
  • Stakeholders:
    • Domain Subject Matter Experts
    • Any stakeholder
  • Elicitation Results (confirmed)
  • Knowledge Area:
  • Elicitation and Collaboration