Assess Requirements Changes


The purpose of Assess Requirements Changes is to evaluate the implications of proposed changes to requirements and designs.


The Assess Requirements Changes task is performed as new needs or possible solutions are identified. These may or may not align to the change strategy and/ or solution scope. Assessment must be performed to determine whether a proposed change will increase the value of the solution, and if so, what action should be taken.

Business analysts assess the potential effect of the change to solution value, and whether proposed changes introduce conflicts with other requirements or increase the level of risk. Business analysts also ensure each proposed change can be traced back to a need.

When assessing changes, business analysts consider if each proposed change:

  • aligns with the overall strategy,
  • affects value delivered to the business or stakeholder groups,
  • impacts the time to deliver or the resources required to deliver the value, and
  • alters any risks, opportunities, or constraints associated with the overall initiative.

The results of the assessment must support the decision making and change control approaches defined by the task Plan Business Analysis Governance

  • Proposed Change
  • Elements:
    • Assessment Formality
    • Impact Analysis
      • Benefit
      • Cost
      • Impact
      • Schedule
      • Urgency
    • Impact Resolution
    Guidelines and Tools:
    • Change Strategy
    • Domain Knowledge
    • Governance Approach
    • Legal/Regulatory Information
    • Requirements Architecture
    • Solution Scope
  • Business Cases
  • Business Rules Analysis
  • Decision Analysis
  • Document Analysis
  • Estimation
  • Financial Analysis
  • Interface Analysis
  • Interviews
  • Risk Analysis and Management
  • Workshops
  • Stakeholders:
    • Customer
    • Domain Subject Matter Expert
    • End User
    • Operational Support
    • Project Manager
    • Regulator
    • Sponsor
    • Tester
  • Requirements Change Assessment
  • Designs Change Assessment
  • Knowledge Area:
  • Requirements Life Cycle Management